Terms and conditions – Logan Live Boost Professional Development Series

as at 28 February 2020

1. Eligibility
a. Applicants must demonstrate a strong link to Logan, for example reside in the Logan Local Government Area identified by postcode.
b. Applicants can register once only for each of the six sessions.
c. Applicants can register for as many sessions as they can attend from one to all six sessions.
d. Applicants must register online and fully and legibly complete all sections of the online entry form.
e. To be eligible to be considered for the JMC Academy professional development offer, applicants must register and attend all six sessions.

2. How to enter
a. Applicants must complete the registration form and provide all requested information online.
b. No other material will be accepted.
c. Online registrations open on Friday 28 February 2020.
d. By registering to Logan Live professional development sessions, the Applicant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

3. Acceptance into professional development sessions
As places are limited, not all applicants who register may be offered a place in Logan Live professional development sessions. If there are more applicants than places, applicants will be selected by Logan Live panel of industry experts based on eligibility and information provided in their application, and may be placed on a waiting list and/or offered alternative activities through Council.

4. Copyright, moral rights and privacy consent
a. The Applicant warrants that they are the owner(s) of all copyright of all promotional materials provided (including but not limited to image, video and/or song) (“Materials”) or have obtained all necessary approvals to permit the submission of these Materials to Council.
b. The Applicant, as the owner(s) of these Materials grant Council the right to:
i. maintain a copy of all submitted Materials for archival purposes;
ii. display Materials in public spaces for the duration of Logan Live professional development sessions;
iii. publish on Council’s website and social media platforms; and
iv. use the Materials for promotional and publicity purposes relating to Logan Live professional development sessions.

5. General conditions
a. Council reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and to cancel or amend the program at any time without notice or further recourse to the Applicants.
b. Logan Live professional development sessions are being presented and promoted by Logan City Council ABN 21 627 796 435 acting through Libraries and Creative Industries Branch whose principal offices are at 150 Wembley Road, Logan Central.